Dark Star Orchestra Live Webcast 10/14/2005 - Archive Available

Dark Star Orchestra and The Grateful Web teamed up to provide an streaming video broadcast of DSO's October 14 performance at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, OR.  -- Check out the archive:


aaron's picture

raining in eugene tonight. it's truly a mission in the rain!

thanks chris for being a friend!

aaron's picture

VIDEO requestions from the man John Swann... What do you folks want to see second set? More audience? More close ups? Any ideas? John will give it to you!!!!!

jason's picture

still coming in good here.

Glad you could bump it up.. too bad it can't be infinite...

Thank whomever donated the feed... their gift is being appreciated worldwide.

aaron's picture

dammit... first big typo. does anyone have video requests??? see below post... we will adapt to you. John Swan on Video Board!!

taperrob's picture

i believe you said earlier that you guys were using the house WiFI. It could be some loss thru the WiFI connection. i am using WiFI on my end receiving and i am sure i am losing some sync that way. the audio is crystal clear and the video is clean, minimal dropouts....

jason's picture

I am gonna drop off after the end of the first set.. good luck!

mike from gweb's picture

i request more shots of cute girls. thanks.

aaron's picture

thanks taperrob!! i set the audio for the 48kbps, 44khz. so sacrificing video for clean audio!

Chris's picture

I'd love to see some pans of the audience...and if you can catch aaron dancing, get him, he's crazy! Thanks a ton, John Swan!!

Chris's picture

And you can't go wrong with Mike's fine advice...

ssdd's picture

windows only giving me audio and yes i have upgraded and reainstalled still nuttin

Jason's picture

Great first set!!

Made my weekend... time to let someone else in for some fun.


aaron's picture

could be some interviews now.

John's picture

Thanks guys for the 1st set.

Seattle out

taperrob's picture

im out guys... have a grate 2nd set. hope to catch more streams in the future...

emily rasmussen's picture

thanks again, guys! this is so neat.

sundawg's picture

is there a chat that goes with this somewhere??

heidi benjamin's picture

hey, was just headin to bed here in vermont when i saw on my d'star page that a show was on! how sssweeet it is! nice goin, peeps! thanks for the good dreams to follow. see y'all up here for new years!

sundawgee's picture

this is awesome. i remember watching movies at the mac back in the day.

thanks for the feed.

sundawgee's picture


sundawgee's picture

this setbreak is takin forever. who do they think they are.

oh yeah the think they are the grateful dead.

aaron's picture

hey JASON IN Singapore !!!! i just ran into your buddy JOE! he says hi. LOL!!!

jason's picture

Aaron, seriously?

I just plugged back in.. tell Joe I said "Hi".. I am sure he is jamming along.. watch his elbows.. he may put an eye out!

jason's picture

Stella blue!

anonymous's picture

Grateful Dead

06/04/76 (Fri) Paramount Theater - Portland, OR

Set 1: Promised Land, Friend Of The Devil, Mama Tried, Sugaree, Cassidy, Candyman, Big River, Brown Eyed Women, Lazy Lightning > Supplication, Mission In The Rain, Looks Like Rain, Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower

Set 2: Playing In The Band, Might As Well, Samson & Delilah, Cosmic Charlie > Let It Grow > Drums > Stella Blue, Dancing In The Streets, U.S. Blues, E: Johnny B. Goode

nem's picture

a treat for sure, good work and good times. thanks.

jason's picture

I'm still here... what a killer set!

Steve's picture

What a treat!!

We didn't join in until the 2nd set and wow. By part way through the Might as Well I was back in the balcony of the Paramount.

It was a bit wierd hearing a performance of a show that I was at.

Thank you.

mike from gweb's picture

happy birthday, bob weir

mike from gweb's picture

we're hoping to have the stream up tonight. thanks for your patience.


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