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Fruition is a great word.  We all love realizing the fruits of our labors and when ideas emerge from dreams into real world successes.  The band Fruition, hailing from Portland, Oregon has these good things happening with their 11 track album, Just One Of Them Nights, scheduled for release July 30th.  Starting as a collection of street musicians, Fruition is a band of musicians that exemplifies, the sentiment, “For the sake of the song.” 

Fruition is:

Mimi Naja: Mandolin, piano and vocals

Keith Simon: Bass

Tyler Thompson: Drums and banjo

Kellen Asebroek: Guitar and piano

Jay Cobb Anderson: Guitar and vocals

From bluesy, to daydreamy, to bluegrassy; Fruition covers a lot of ground lyrically and vocally. With those three individual vocal aspects plus the harmonizing, Fruition provides the listener with music not heard in bands relying on one main vocalist or a band that lacks a female voice and perspective.  As with the variety of vocal talents, Fruition has the musicians to find any notes to express any feeling.  Need a feeling that only a mandolin can emote? No problem.  Need a banjo roll to get folk’s toes tapping? No problem.  Need a thick blues guitar riff to drive home a point? No problem.  Need the rhythm section to lay down a beat? No problem.    

Git Along is delivered in a bluegrass string band style with a bouncy percussion and bass line. The lyrics stress the importance of not letting the short lived, day to day drama we all face play too large of a role in life.

The Wanter, is a quick tempo-ed bluegrass song that explores love from the point of view from being the “wanted” or the “wanter”.  When someone realizes things have played themselves out into being loved like a brother or sister, hopefully they appreciate the love, BUT, there is love and there is love with a wanting.  Most folks want the wanting..on the regular.. with their love.

With Mountain Annie, it is tough to tell where the americana or traditional genres end and bluegrass begins. Americana, traditional and bluegrass music being what they are; all that really matters with any genre of music is if a song gets you to a good place.  Mountain Annie gets you to a good place. Mountain Annie is the band’s first single and available on Itunes.

Blue Light, may best exhibit the full sounds and talents of Fruition more than any song on Just One Of Them Nights. This song gives you a full dose of the mandolin, acoustic guitar plus some greasy; staying up late participating in activities that may have you asking yourself either of two questions; “What in the world was I thinking?” or “When can I do that again?” kind of greasy; Stevie Ray Vaughan-esqe guitar.

Which ever way your pleasure tends, you can join Fruition’s, “For the sake of the song.”, vibe by catching them on their current tour in the states of Utah, Colorado, Montana, Washington and Oregon.  Fruition has an East Coast date in Greer, South Carolina at the Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival on 9/5/13.

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