Dark Star Orchestra Live Webcast 10/14/2005 - Archive Available

Dark Star Orchestra and The Grateful Web teamed up to provide an streaming video broadcast of DSO's October 14 performance at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, OR.  -- Check out the archive:


oregon's picture

I know you guys are scrambling to get the download set up and sure that over the next few days it will happen - I just want to thank you and congratulate you on the success it was. I watched the whole thing - svideo from my laptop to HDTV, patched through my sound system - it was great fun. Thanks.

addie's picture

This should be OUTSTANDING! Thank you DSO.

addie, nyc...

emily rasmussen's picture

and thank you gratefulweb!!

farah's picture

saw the show last night in seattle, wa... WOW!! This will be good :)

aaron "streaming" dietrich's picture

i just heard from the sound guy cameron that the first set will be just about 2 hours long. big hitter! long!

stephen johnson's picture

RIGHT-ON, Grateful Web! you guys rock!

aaron's picture

thanks for checking us out! i guess it's going to be a bit of a slugfest for who gets the 50 feeds. If at anytime your video FREEZES, be patient with it... it will come back. The video might BUFFER once in a while, but i'm guessing that the audio will be strong. i have it set at CD quality. Also, the McDonald Theatre here has a WIFI internet connection, which isn't the BEST scenerio for streaming huge chunks of video/audio info. Yes, i'm making excuses already! :) ENJOY!!

jason's picture

Thanks, Grateful Web!

I am in currently in Singapore on business, and have a few friends in Eugene at the show... nice to be able to "listen in" on the show and almost be there.

Appreciate it and keep up the good work!

Chris's picture

Alright Aaron, I'm ready to throw some punches to get in on this...wifie's gone to bed...ready to join you at the show...

mike from gweb's picture

we're standing bye.. email me if you're having problems.. but we cannot promise everyone will get in. bare in mind the show will be available for download very soon!! thanks for tuning-in!

Chris's picture

Hey - the rugs look great...is the edie brickell the PA pregame music at the show? This is exciting...is it too late to dose?

big railroad blues's picture

hey now! this is too cool. thanks fellas! good work, gratefulweb!

bomes's picture

Saw DSO the last two nights in WA. Cant get enough of that good stuff!

Rock out tonight!

Chris's picture

Alright Singapore!!!!

Chris's picture

you guys got it goin' on! Sounds great! And lookin' good too...thanks for the comments guys!

anonymous's picture

Your tie dies behind the stage are also hot!

jason's picture

All seems to be working... coming in well here.

Nice rug!

aaron's picture

the rugggg!!!!!!!!! stainless!!!!

Chris's picture

yep, quality fringe guys...

TD in LA's picture

Anybody know why I've got a frozen frame of the stage? The audio's fine, but I'm not seeing anything the dudes are describing. I'd love to see the band when they come on. Or is that too much to expect?

Steve Grattan's picture

First visit to this site thanks to the Live DSO webcast....hope to see sugarmama dancing her tush off....lol

aaron's picture

TD in LA >>>>>

sorry about the freeze... are you still frozen? it could be YOUR connection, it could be the theatre's connection...

try to be patient. you can stop and then RESTART the video, HOWEVER, if there are more than 50 people viewing... you could get locked out.


Chris's picture

y'all should keep the full stage camera on when you start dancing...

addie's picture

i can't get in on the deal..this sucks! enjoy it for me....nyc

1deadhd's picture

This is so sweet...sitting here in SoCal waiting for DSO's 4 night run and the finish to the fall tour in Solana Bch. and getting primed with this awesome webcast.

jason's picture

Coming in great!

Promised land!

Its Saturday morning in S.E. Asia... and I am dancing in my apartment... thanks again!

Martin's picture

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. I am heading to the Promised Land!!!

New Canaan, CT

Chris's picture

actually, excellent shots, guys...nice close ups and angles...Thanks a ton!

aaron's picture

sorry addie!!!!!! soooo sorry!!!!!!!

Foof's picture

Enjoying the show here in Colorado! Thanks Guys! What a treat!

Chris's picture

This is really quite incredible guys!!!!!

Thanks Again!

Foof's picture

Keep trying Addie - hope you make it - love talking to you via the gdhour newsgroup

kristina's picture

this is very cool. thanks so much, grateful web!!

aaron's picture

mountain girl is here!!! just saw her!

stgrlee's picture

06-04-1976 Paramount Theater Portland, Or.

aaron's picture

sorry to all that can't get in. we are working on way to generate more money to get bigger media server solution in the future!

stgrlee's picture

thanks for feed, this is awesome.

aaron's picture

thanks for the success stories too!!! you all are welcome! please give us any feedback! video okay? audio quality okay?

Chris's picture

Gool about Mtn Girl, perhaps y'all can talk to her at halftime on camera?

Chris's picture


aaron's picture

our guy at arcostream.com bumped us up to 100 clients and said it max instantly! so there are 100 of you folks out there enjoying. SOOOOOOO sorry if you are 101 through whatever! we are feeling your energy and appreciate your participattion and share in your "shutout" frustration!

keep trying though!!!

stgrlee's picture

Great overall prodution value!!!! (Audio and Video) Keep up the good work guys.

aaron's picture

trying to get mt. girl for interview. we shall see at halftime.

Mushin's picture

Paramount theatre, portland or 6-4-76

Chris's picture

Good Work, Aaron...and all y'all working on this production! We want to hear from Mountain Girl at Halftime!

Martin's picture

Hey Aaron, you rock! This feed is awesome! Nice video overlays. Great show, and the floor isn't even sticky!

willie's picture

i am bummed on hte east coast cause i can't get the feed. oh well

taperrob's picture

great stream. only problem i see from here is about a 1 second delay in the video from the audio.

aaron's picture

soo sorry willie. i'd jump off for you, but i'm already off. :)

aaron's picture

thanks taperrob

probably losing some sychronation over time during the duration of the set. i'll work on it!!!


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