Gangstagrass is a multi-racial group of string pickers and MCs allowing for a unique opportunity to create shared cultural space for dialogue and connection between folks that usually never intersect. With “Ain’t No Crime”, the third single off their much anticipated ‘No Time For Enemies’, their most collaborative track breaks loose and runs across genre lines with abandon. The song has quintessential Country elements and classic Hip Hop adrenaline, interwoven with Rock, R&B and Pop.

Blending Bluegrass, electro beats and Hip-Hop seems like an unlikely recipe for success, but that mix has taken Gangstagrass to the top of the Bluegrass charts. Their recent live album spent almost 20 weeks in the Top Ten. The band packs concert halls, Rock and Country music clubs and festivals with impressive live shows, featuring their hybrid of Jam Band improvisation, prodigious Bluegrass chops, and socially conscious rapping.

Gangstagrass continues to stir up the heat stunning their fans once again by releasing their first mixtape entitled ‘My Brother, Where You At?’ via AudioMack a music streaming and audio distribution platform.

Gangstagrass has been cooking up the heat to stun their fans once again by releasing their 5th album and first live recording, “Pocket Full of Fire” which came out earlier this year. The response thus far has been incredible including Billboard’s Bluegrass Albums Chart Debut at #8.

Best known as the Emmy-nominatd makers to the hit FX drama JustifiedGangstagrass is now back with its fourth official album, the aptly-titled,American Music.  Released in April 2015, American Music has done what no other Gangstagrass album has done before, charting on Billboard for the first time.  Reaching Number 5 on the Bluegrass Charts, American Music debuted on the charts in only its first week of release.

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