June 2020

I have heard countless times, “America is the greatest country on earth.” Always on top. Our COVID-19 case counts are almost a quarter of the world’s totals. Deaths! This analogy is used often, really capturing the grim reality. If three planes, holding approximately 350 people each, crashed every day that would be the equivalent of what we are experiencing in our nation. In late May, after Memorial Day, we realized 100,000 deaths. It’s been just over a month and now we are nearing 130,000. It’s so terrible the European Union is considering restricting us from traveling abroad.

Paying homage to Grateful Dead's enduring Bertha skull and rose imagery, the latest line showcases funky embroidered patches and tie-dye colorways. Sanuk's classic styles, including the Yoga Sling 2, Beer Cozy and Donna and Vagabond Sidewalk Surfer models, feature new patterns and colors, and joining the collaboration's stacked set list is Sanuk's Puff N Chill style, perfect for jamming out and keeping feet cozy. Retail prices range from $32-70.

Darlin’ Brando is the pseudonym of singer, songwriter and drummer, Brandon Goldstein. Born and raised in Virginia, he settled in Los Angeles after college where he found a thriving country and Americana music scene. Goldstein set up his drum kit and settled into the community playing stints with local roots music artists like country-rock band, Merle Jagger and folksy singer-songwriter, Leslie Stevens. It was during this decade in L.A. that he also began working on his own songwriting.

Los Angeles’s Americana band, The Satin Cowboy & The Seven Deadly Sins, has released their first cover song, Randy Newman’s “Blue Shadows on the Trail” off their third full-length album, Amigos; set to release this summer. Premiering on Americana Highways, the single “Blue Shadows on the Trail” is a tribute to the Randy Newman’s classic cowboy song that originally appeared in the 1986 hit film, The Three Amigos.

For two decades, Will Hoge has carried the torch for American rock & roll, carving out his own blue-collar sound rooted in amplified guitars, melodic hooks, southern soul, and rootsy stomp.