Catch BoomBox in the Razorback State

Prepare your pantaloons and get ready to boogie, ladies and gentlemen – BoomBox is coming to Fayetteville, Arkansas! On September 21, 2012 you can expect to see a wonderful duo and nothing less than an enthusiastic, ready-to-dance-party crowd a George’s Majestic Lounge.

From live instruments and mixed tracks to costumes, silly hats and feather boas, BoomBox is definitely a dynamic duo. Their tunes have a modern disco feel and are infectious, danceable and just plain rad. Expect a super light show, as well, which will be partially controlled by the band’s Russ Randolph as he mixes tracks alongside guitarist and neat guy, Zion Godchaux (son of Grateful Dead’s Keith and Donna Godchaux).

Besides the aesthetics of a BoomBox show, innovation is really at the heart of the band’s mission. Their mixture of electronic, rock and funk is like a delicious music salad (with lasers). Randolph and Godchaux tailor each show to best entertain the crowd and suit the venue, so you’re sure to see something unique at every show. The group mixes their songs between layers of funky guitar riffs, smooth vocals and electronic beats for a full, clean sound. And while there is some great jamming at a BoomBox show, I’ve never seen any noodling, which is a good thing in my book.

As each day passes, BoomBox gains notoriety in the music world. Every show I have been to or heard of has had a larger crowd than the last. As the eclectic mix of fans have realized, no matter your mood or your ability to move, BoomBox is sure to leave you feeling that your night (and your money) was well spent.

Tickets for the Sept. 21st show are on sale at George’s Majestic Lounge or through Ticketmaster.

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