Dopapod and Kung Fu to Tour in Colorado

Arguably the Northeast’s two most up-and-coming, improvisational ridden bands on the scene today, Dopapod and Kung Fu will be joining forces to tour Colorado at the end of January 2014.  The run will include stops in Boulder and Breckenridge, and feature two STS9 after-party shows in Denver.  While the two bands will swap closing sets, the order of each night will not be announced. “We love sharing the stage with these guys.  They’re some of our best friends in the business.  We decided it would be more fun to surprise fans and keep it a secret to encourage people make it out for the entire show!” says Todd Stoops, keys player of Kung Fu. 

No strangers to sharing the stage, members from both bands have been known to regularly sit-in with each other.  Most recently, Dopapod keyboardist Eli Winderman sat in with Kung Fu at their Atlanta show last week.  At the beginning of the year, the two groups packed Highline Ballroom in New York City that concluded in a huge super jam where all members closed out the night together. Video of that performance can be viewed by clicking here.  The Dopapod/Kung Fu pairing will also be taking place on December 29, 2013 at BB King’s Blues Club in Times Square immediately following Phish’s Madison Square Garden concert. 

Fans can expect a whirlwind of collaborations both at the New York City play and throughout the Colorado run.  Says Dopapod guitarist Rob Compa, “The sparks that fly when both bands are on the same stage is electric!  The hang is always full of laughs and there’s a huge respect between each other as players. For that to play out so naturally on stage is one of the greatest feelings.”

Dopapod is comprised of Eli Winderman on keys, Rob Compa on guitar, Chuck Jones on bass, and Neal Evans on drums.  Kung Fu is made up of Todd Stoops on keys, Tim Palmieri on guitar, Rob Somerville on saxophone, Chris DeAngelis on bass, and Adrian Tramontano on drums.

“Rocky Mountain Nor’easter of 2014” Tour Dates:

1/29 | Boulder, CO: Fox Theater

1/30 | Breckenridge, CO: 320 South

1/31-2/1 | Denver, CO: 1Up

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cait.hock's picture

Too bad Dopapod is a bunch of inconsiderate assholes. I was vending in maine and boy did they make their entrance known. Even Papadosio had the courtesy to move is tour bus after he set up so that he did not block my booth or the mmj booth. Dopapod is so greedy they had to set up their own booth in front of everyone completely blocking the way and when i approached them and asked themto move their bus they straight ignored me and my request. As if i didn't exist. I wish people would stop giving them money. 


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