Elvis Costello's All-New Audible Original "How to Play the Guitar and Y" Premiering Today

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, September 16, 2021

Elvis Costello—songwriter, singer, author and Fender Jazzmaster known to his admirers as “The Little Hands Of Concrete” —spins his tale with wit, grit, and spit to spare.  How to Play The Guitar And Y, Costello’s new entry into Audible’s Words + Music series, combines recitation, impersonation, and musical illustration to show you how to turn a three-chord trick into a four-chord caper and let your curiosity take you where it will. Part madcap musical method, part comic chronicle, How To Play The Guitar And Y is accompanied by the author throughout on a number of different instruments with his ten wandering fingers. So gather round your favorite listening device to hear a storyteller and musician at his most captivating as he reminds you not to be afraid to fail and to never forget to play. 

Defying traditional formats, the ‘Words + Music’ Audible initiative marries music and storytelling in one-of-a-kind audio experiences, designed exclusively to be heard. Elvis Costello's How to Play the Guitar and Y joins other legends in the Audible ‘Words + Music’ vault, which can be found HERE.