John Hartford Memorial Fest. 2017 Lineup

Article Contributed by John Hartford … | Published on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"The Most Laid Back Festival in America" is about bringing together the very best Americana/Roots Music we can find, along with like-minded music lovers and jammers, all in a beautiful setting, to become one big family with the intentions of paying tribute to the Father of Newgrass, the rule breaking game changer, John Hartford.
Spring will have sprung before we know it and that means the 2017 preparations are well under way. John Hartford Memorial Festival is tickled and excited to announce our final lineup! Always expect a surprise here and there especially since we just added another twenty bands and doubled the amount of talent on the roster. 
Added Bands Include Vince Herman & Friends, Jesse McReynolds, Molly Tuttle, Dead Winter Carpenters, The New Old Cavalry, Giri & Uma Peters, Bigfoot Yancey, Off The Wagon, Chicago Farmer, Edward David Anderson, Flatland Harmony Experiment, Avocado Chic, Frank Lee & Allie Burbrink, Betse & Clarke, O'Brien & Burch, Miles Over Mountains, The Idea Men, The Aching Hearts, Ernie Hill, Ginger Boatwright, Feathered Mason.

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We've listened to our crowd and reduced the amount of Full Festival Passes being sold from 2,500 to 2,000. We are capping attendance so you can have wiggle room, and know your kids and dogs (on a leash at all times) are going to have a great time too. This event is not about overgrowth and overbooking. The event is about making things right for all of us and just like you we love the atmosphere and expect a relaxed party.
We don't spend a heckuva lot on advertising, especially now that our family is taking root and sprouting. Each year we've asked you to bring someone you love, and you have. We all know each others faces and the opportunity to learn each others names is there too because we all walk the same ground for four days, loaded with smiles. It's a great time to be in such a close knit, albeit, temporary community to make beautiful music and memories. You make this festival.

Interested in single day tickets? They will be available around the first of March.