Lettuce Releases RESONATE REMIXED Album

Article Contributed by The Regime | Published on Saturday, October 31, 2020

Grammy-Nominated funk-jazz-soul-hip-hop-psychedelic-jam-rock-experimental music titans LETTUCE have released Resonate Remixed, a remixed version of their acclaimed seventh studio album, Resonate via Round Hill Records. The album is a curated mix of respected artists and friends including Cloudchord, TYCOON, Mckenzie, Birocratic, jackLNDN and Flamingosis. Lettuce released a new remix each day this week to celebrate the release of the EP starting with “Silence is Golden (Cloudchord Remix.”  Resonated Remixed is available on all DSPs: Stream it HERE.

Adam Deitch, the drummer for Lettuce, explains, “We reached out to some of our favorite producers to remix our album Resonate.  Each producer lent their unique style and musicality to make this project pop off! We are very excited for y’all to hear it!”

Lettuce’s ever-changing and all-inclusive musical palette is often praised for the way it blurs lines and smashes together genres into exciting and compelling art. The New York Times have called their sound, “stone cold grooves” and Red Bull Music named them “everyone’s favorite funk band.”  Resonate Remixed takes Lettuce’s sound and casts a wide net with influences of house, electronic and more, demonstrating the versatility of the band’s music.

A powerhouse collective made up of world-class master musicians, the members of Lettuce are also some of the most highly sought-after musicians in the industry. Between the tight knit group of Adam Deitch (drums, percussion, arrangement), Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff (guitar), Erick “Jesus” Coomes (bass), Ryan Zoidis (alto, baritone, tenor sax, Korg X-911), Eric “Benny” Bloom (trumpet, horns) and Nigel Hall (vocals, Hammond B-3, Rhodes, clavinet, keyboards), the musicians have roots that run deep into nearly every genre of music.

Lettuce is represented and more alive than ever on Resonate Remixed, giving listeners a sensation of genuine emotion and straight FUNKY tracks. As Deitch puts it, “if you let good vibes resonate with the people around you, they’ll hit hearts, minds, and souls.”


1. Silence is Golden (Cloudchord Remix)

2. Moksha (TYCOON ft. Mckenzie Remix)

3. Resonate (Birocratic Remix)

4. House of Lett (jackLNDN Remix)

5. Remember the Children (Flamingosis Remix)

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