Matt Urmy Releases Striking New Concept Album ‘South Of The Sky’

Article Contributed by Shore Fire Media | Published on Saturday, January 16, 2021

The East Nashville-based singer/songwriter Matt Urmy muses on the duality of the human experience today with the release of his new concept album ‘South of the Sky.’ Inspired by Willie Nelson’s two-sided narrative album ‘Phases and Stages,’ Urmy’s ‘South of the Sky’ attempts to explore and celebrate the multi-dimensionality of human life. 

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Early praise for ‘South of the Sky’ has come from American Songwriter who said the music “boldly dives headfirst into the multi-dimensionality of human nature” and NPR Music, who featured early album singles “Raging Hearts” and "Blind" in their New Music Friday playlists. 

Each song on the album has a mirror image of itself on the opposite side. While Side A single “Helpless Fool,” is a moment of self-introspection, “Family,” on the other end, examines outward interactions and how one's actions and relationships with others can help inspire and ignite change.

Also an accomplished entrepreneur, father and author, Urmy was recently featured on The First Act podcast where he spoke about his company Artist Growth, a cloud-based software which helps streamline workflow for music industry professionals. In the episode, Urmy dove into his expertise and perspective on how indie artists can use social media to connect with and grow their audience. Listen to the full interview here: 

Urmy also recently released his first-ever children’s book, Go Ask The Moon, which follows its non-binary protagonist Hoo, as they attempt to discover what makes them unique. As Hoo attempts to find the peace of a good night’s sleep, as well as passion, they come across various creatures of the night who help guide them. The book follows Urmy’s two previous collections of poems, Ghosts In A House (2007) and The Rain In The Bell (2015).

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Born in New York City and raised in Nashville, TN, Matt Urmy is a singer/songwriter, poet and entrepreneur. He founded Artist Growth, a cloud-based artist management & record label collaboration platform, which services both Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group as well as artist managers at companies like Red Light Management, Vector Management, C3, Maverick, ROAR and many others. Urmy lives and works in Nashville with his partner Jaime - a pastry chef at popular East Nashville restaurant Lockeland Table - and their two boys, Ezra and Ocean. Matt’s debut album, 2017’s Out Of The Ashes, was a Rolling Stone favorite and compelled them to call Urmy, who dueted with the late John Prine on the album, an Artist To Watch.