The Motet, new album 'Death Or Devotion' due out January 25

Article Contributed by Press Here Publicity | Published on Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Denver-based funk and soul ensemble are releasing their ninth studio album, Death Or Devotion, on January 25th via the band’s own label.The nine-track album is a killer collection of feel good grooves. The album’s first release, “Whacha Gonna Bring,” was recently used for HeadCount’s Get Out The Vote Campaign for the mid-term elections. The song is as much a deep pocket heavy groove as it is a reminder that each and every individual has the opportunity to make their voice heard, not only by voting but by bringing positivity and joy to the table. Full track listing is below.

For almost 20 years, The Motet have been fusing boisterous badass funk and swaggering soul with a thought-provoking inventiveness to create something truly unique. Death Or Devotion earmarks an important point in the band’s own journey. Since emerging in 1998, the seven-piece band (Dave Watts [drums], Joey Porter [keys], Garrett Sayers [bass], Ryan Jalbert [guitar], Lyle Divinsky [vocals], Drew Sayers [sax] and Parris Fleming [trumpet]) have cooked up eight full-length albums and entranced countless crowds. 2016 saw them welcome Lyle behind the mic and Drew on sax. Shortly after, they kicked off what has become an annual tradition by selling out the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the second time. Along the way, The Motet started recording Death Or Devotion during intermittent sessions at Scanhope Sound in their native Colorado in 2017. For the first time, Lyle, Drew, and Parris (trumpet) worked on a Motet record together from start-to-finish, and each member of the band brought something different to the mix with their own unique set of musical influences and styles. This collection of new songs finds the band pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, welcoming old fans and new audiences alike – continually providing a welcome escape for listeners.

“The essence is always going to be the groove, but we wanted to expand the idea of what a funk album could be,” says vocalist Lyle Divinsky. “Of course, you want a driving backbeat. However, with the division that’s going on in this country and the world, I think it’s every artist’s responsibility to create a conversation. That conversation doesn’t have to be political either. It can be about love or an introspective journey. I think the commentary should be on what it’s like to be alive today. By drawing on funk, we create a fun, palatable musical vehicle for the message to go down. Our goal is for you to recognize we’re all dancing on the same dance floor—even though our steps may look a little different.”

Death or Devotion Full Tracklisting

1. “Highly Compatible”

2. “Whacha Gonna Bring”

3. “Joke’s On Me”

4. “Death Or Devotion”

5. “Get It Right”

6. “Kneebone”

7. “Supernova”

8. “Contagious”

9. “Speed Of Light”