Now Available For Pre-Order: Dave’s Picks Volume 31

Article Contributed by | Published on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hold on to your hat, we’re coming in strong with one from the Windy City that’ll have you movin’ and shakin’ from start to finish. DAVE’S PICKS VOLUME 31: UPTOWN THEATRE, CHICAGO, IL 12/3/79 signals a true rebirth of the Grateful Dead, reimagining classics and foreshadowing their 80s sound. This is as much in part due to freshly-minted member Brent Mydland bringing the organ back in as it is to Jerry finding new vivacity with his custom Wolf guitar. New guy, new guitar – it all makes for a heck of a good time!

Set One rolls like never-ending thunder with one standout after another – truly epic versions of “Brown-Eyed Women,” “Ramble On Rose,” “It’s All Over Now,” “Althea,” and “The Music Never Stopped.” Set Two hits with a crack of not-so-lazy lightning, barreling through an outrageous 28-minute “Scarlet>Fire” to a unique “Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance” and wrapping with a “blow the roof off the place” version of “Truckin’” and a rippin’ “Johnny B. Goode.” Ready for some quiet after the storm? You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer – we’ve filled in the gap on Disc 3 with a sprinkle of 12/4/79 – “Estimated>Franklin’s Tower>” and an incredibly improvised “Jam.”

Limited to 20,000 numbered copies, DAVE’S PICKS VOLUME 31: UPTOWN THEATRE, CHICAGO, IL 12/3/79 has been mastered from Dan Healy’s cassette recordings to HDCD specs by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering.

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