NRBQ collects 16 rarities on 'In * Frequencies'

Article Contributed by conqueroo | Published on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

“The music goes ’round with love. It’s why this band means so much to so many,” writes MC Kostek about his favorite band, NRBQ, in his liner notes from the band’s new rarities retrospective.

In their over five-decade career, NRBQ have never played by the rules. Why should they? They’re the ’Q. While other artists may have supplemented their discography with rarities sets by this point in their career, In • Frequencieshas the distinction of being the first-ever collection of NRBQ outtakes and rare tracks! Sure, there have been other odds ’n’ ends albums, but none before like this one.

The 15-song collection from Omnivore Recordings will hit the streets October 2, 2020 on CD and LP (Digital to follow at a later date). A limited, yellow-vinyl edition will be made available exclusively via while supplies last.

In • Frequencies is a journey with the ’Q through a different lens. A true, career-spanning release, the album begins at the band’s beginning, with a soundcheck recording from October of 1968, and travels all the way to recent days, including the first physical appearance of their 2018 digital EP track, “April Showers” (recorded for the 2018 film Change in the Air, with the late, great, Hal Willner as musical director).

All but four tracks are previously unissued. Of the recordings that have previously escaped into the world, two made their debut on now-rare 45s. They are the NRBQ offshoot “mock” group, Dickens, which provides the obscure 1970 single track “Sho’ Need Love” (“We just put everything on 10 and went wild”) and “Sourpuss,” recorded in Memphis in 1974 and first issued on the Select-O-Hits label.

The songs are annotated with information, anecdotes and photos elaborating on the recordings made in studios, radio stations and stages across the country and the decades.

According to NRBQ member Scott Ligon, “As a member of the band, I get to hear an awful lot of stuff that other people don't have access to, but I’m hearing most of these tracks for the first time. The Dickens track ‘Sho’ Need Love’ is a real favorite for me. It’s almost too good to be true! It’s also hard to believe that I had never heard Terry’s ‘Get Real’ or ‘Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Girl’ until this collection came together. You think you know a person!  But ‘April Showers’ is my sentimental favorite. The piano break is unreal. The singer ain’t bad either.”

Founding member Terry Adams adds: “When these songs surfaced on the tapes I felt like I was meeting an interesting woman for the first time. I had to say, ‘What’s a nice song like you doing on a tape like this?’”

In • Frequencies is a deep dive into why the band is a favorite of humans the world over and is a perfect compendium to the core studio albums and retrospectives you already love.  No need to ask Kenneth the frequency; all of the magical sounds and majesty of America’s favorite band are on full display on In • Frequencies.

Track List:

1. Dogwood Winter (Soundcheck Recording)
2. Get Real
3. Sho’ Need Love - Dickens
4. Orioles
5. It’s A Wild Weekend (Soundcheck Recording)
6. Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Girl
7. Love Came To Me (Live at WDET-FM)
8. We’ll Make Love (Live at Trinity College)
9. April Showers
10. That’s All
11. Everybody’s Smokin’ (Alternate Version) 
12. Blues Stay Away From Me
13. My Dearest One
14. Sourpuss
15. Too Much (Live At The Pyramid Arena)
16. Chapel Of Love