Random Rab Hits the Road With New Album: Release

This month, Random Rab takes his brand new live act on the road to hubs in the Midwest and on the east coast. A staple of the west coast, transformational circuit, Rab’s latest album Release has rocketed to the top 5 in the iTunes electronic charts, and opened up the rest of the country to his new sound. The electroacoustic setup featuring live instrumentalists and Rab’s own entrancing vocals reaches Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Chicago with brothers in audio Little People and Blockhead, while Boston and Philadelphia pair Rab with fellow electronic experimenters Beats Antique.
To call the Random Rab sound “downtempo” is to miss the mark entirely. Lush soundscapes, patient builds, exotic instrumentations, and a steady pulsing groove carry deep and powerful messages on oscillating waves of pure energy. The power and intensity of Rab’s ethos is woven on the strands of a spider’s web. Tough and tensile, the strength of his sonic signature appears delicate to the eye and the ear, but carry much more weight than could be conceived.
Release marks the emergence of the Random Rab live band. Blurring the lines between electronic and acoustic, the elegant productions of Rab are balanced by the warmth of Cedar Miller’s live percussion and multi-instrumental prowess. Moving from the set to hand drums to bells and gongs fluidly and serenely, Rab’s coaxing, hypnotic voice is lifted on high by Miller’s unending rhythmic and vocal accompaniment. Exploring stringed, plucked, struck, and shaken instruments from Africa, Asia, South America and beyond, the pair demonstrate that the journey isn’t so “random” after all—melodies are unearthed from instruments that have traveled around the world to these capable hands. Select dates feature the haunting strains of violinist Hannah Thiem and lucky fans in only a few cities will enjoy the cascading wonder of the brilliant and bold works of visual artist Android Jones.
All fourteen tracks on Release are available now for download at randomrab.com.

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