Twiddle digs deep in the catalog for three sold out drive-in shows with special guests

Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Monday, August 17, 2020

After a long hiatus from live performance due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vermont jam quartet Twiddle returned to the stage this weekend for three socially distanced drive-in shows. Taking place in Essex Junction, VT, the three sold-out shows were a welcome return to live performance for the band, with over 250 car passes sold for each night.

“We can't thank our fans enough for making our first live shows back such an incredible and safe experience. It felt amazing playing live again with the boys and having our brother Taz join us, elevating the band as he always does.” 

-Mihali Savoulidis (Guitar, Vocals)

Essex Junction, VT

Twiddle kicked off a stellar weekend of music with a fantastic first set on night one (8/14) during which the band seamlessly segued through Blunderbuss, Ricky Snickle, Daydream Farmer, and Earth Mama without a break.

After sunset, the band took the stage for an improvisation-heavy three-song second set, featuring Gatsby the Great, Doinkinbonk and Cabbage Face. The show closed with fan-favorite sing-along Orlando’s.

Night two (8/15) presented material from various phases of the band’s 15-year career. Highlights from set one include Zazu’s Flight > Bronze Fingers > Zazu’s Flight, as well as a tender rendition of The Machine, featuring drummer Brook Jordan on vocals. Twiddle closed the first set with a raging rendition of Every Soul, with special guest 16-year-old guitar phenom Brandon “Taz” Niederauer.


Set two was rife with deep jams and segues, including the introspective ballad River Drift sandwiched between Dr. Remidi’s Melodium and Nicodemus Portulay. Taz sat in on Tom’s Song during set two and returned for a Comfortably Numb encore, played for the first time in over nine years (LTP - 4/15/11, Higher Ground).

Night three (8/16) set one showcased a healthy mix of Twiddle’s bluegrass influences and improvisational acumen, with twangy takes on Hattibagen McRat and Fat Country Baby, as well as a deep type two Lost in the Cold.

Twiddle - Essex Junction, VT

The band rounded out the weekend with a trip down memory lane, with set two featuring throwback favorites Invisible Ink and Tiberius, before closing out the show with an epic Beethoven and Greene.


Night One - 8/14/2020 - Drive In - Essex Junction, VT

Set One
Ricky Snickle->
Ricky Snickle
Daydream Farmer ->
Earth mamma->
Daydream Farmer

Set Two
Gatsby (1)
Cabbage Face

Encore: Orlando's

1. Big Country (Bela Fleck) tease

Night Two - 8/15/2020 - Drive In -  Essex Junction, VT 

Set One
Zazu’s flight->
Bronze Fingers->
Zazus Flight
The Machine
Classical Gas->
Every Soul (1)

Set Two
Dr Remidis Melodium->
River Drift->
Nicodemus Portulay->
Toms Song (1)
Dr Remedies Melodium

Comfortably Numb (1) (2)

1. With Taz
2. Pink Floyd

Night 3 - 8/16/2020- Drive In - Essex Junction, VT

Five (1)

Hattibagen Mcrat (1)

Lost in the Cold (1) (2)

Fat Country Baby (1)

Be there (1)


Amydst the Myst

Set Two

Invisible ink->

Country road->

Invisible ink 

Fire on High->

Dinner Fork->

Tiberius (3))->

Slipping in the kitchen->



Beethoven and Greene

1. Played on Acoustic Guitar

2. Storytellers Version

3. 2nd half finishing from Roots Tour