We had so many good times with Jeff Austin - RIP Jeff

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Throughout the years, few musicians have been able to curate raw energy, pure emotion and eloquent passion quite like Jeff Austin. The longtime mandolin player, frontman and smiling soul of Yonder Mountain String Band passed away, leaving a legacy of incredible music, memories and everlasting devotion to the bluegrass community. Jeff was truly one of a kind, one who never shied away from emotion, one who cared about his family and loyal fans beyond imagination, and one who dedicated his craft to perfection, ensuring he played with furious passion every moment he took the stage. The last time I spoke to Jeff Austin he told me, "It truly is a beautiful turning of the page, the dialogue moves forward and there’s nothing left to be discussed except the now." Those words resonate with me now more than ever, and we will forever remember the passionate dedication and overwhelming happiness you have brought to all of our lives.