Celebrate with the Sons of the Soul Revivers

Article Contributed by Dennis McNally | Published on Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Sons of the Soul Revivers (James, Walter Jr., and Dwayne Morgan, plus Ronnie Smith and Daquantae Johnson) have lots to celebrate, including their golden 50th anniversary of singing together and a new release, Songs We’ll Always Sing – A Tribute to the Pilgrim Jubilees—and you’re invited to join them for a genuine gospel celebration that you’ll never forget. 

On July 12th at 7 pm pacific time they’ll gather (socially distanced) at Greaseland Studios, San Jose, to praise, pray, and salute the music they make and the spirit they make it in.  And we can join them at home:  https://www.facebook.com/CantStopTheBlues 

Gospel music has a fundamental heart magic, a soulful joy in the positive things in life that summons a response from believers and nonbelievers alike.  It’s the spirit that counts most.  The Sons have been generating that spirit for 50 years now, and they’ve got it down, as their new release, Songs We’ll Always Sing, documents.

The CD, out July 12th, comes from Little Village Foundation, a nonprofit record company that works to shine the light of awareness on those who might not otherwise be heard.  All incurred costs from production, manufacture and promotion are paid by the company, and the artist owns 100% of their content.  A life full of diverse music builds empathy, making for stronger communities and a better world.

Walter Morgan Jr. put it this way: “We want to spread a good message to a lost world so that people can feel better.  Tommy Castro said the other day, he said he wasn’t super-religious, but that there was something about gospel music that moves you, even to tears sometimes, and that’s just the feeling you get. There’s something in gospel that soothes peoples’ minds.”

Certainly times are difficult enough for us all to welcome help.  Music heals.  Listen with an open heart and it will indeed soothe your mind and soul.