JEREMY SQUIRES Reveals Touching Music Video For Second Single “FADE”

Article Contributed by SRO | Published on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Music and family have always been central to dream-folk artist/multi-instrumentalist JEREMY SQUIRES’ story. On his 11th studio album UNRAVEL—due out July 30 via Blackbird Record Label—SQUIRES merges distinctive songcraft with deeply felt vocals and musical performances. With his second single, “Fade,” released last Friday (June 11), SQUIRES tackles the emotions he dealt with as he experienced the loss of his grandmother who raised him.

“‘Fade’ is about facing yourself and revisiting memories and/or demons and coming to terms with them,” shares SQUIRES. “There were so many things going through my head when I wrote this song. My grandmother had passed, my life was changing and the people around me were changing and spiraling. I was faced with difficult life choices I had to make, and this song was an outlet.”

The track is accompanied by a stirring black and white video (seen below) filmed across his favorite spots around his hometown of rural North Carolina and at his late grandmother’s home. The video was premiered on June 10 via Bluegrass Situation.

“The video for ‘Fade’ was filmed at various locations in my hometown and in a small neighboring town,” SQUIRES says. “I filmed multiple scenes in my granny’s old home that she left to me. I feel the lyrics reflect the imagery in the video. I filmed a specific scene as I burned a life’s worth of papers and collected memories outside in her yard one night with an old crutch and it was cathartic. ‘Fade’ is one of my favorite videos and I feel that it is one of the best songs on the album. It is definitely one that I am connected to.”

On UNRAVEL, SQUIRES experiments with new instruments—writing his first-ever song on bass—and influences by building tracks with friends such as Erin Tate (ex-Minus The Bear) while somehow maintaining to effortlessly weave each track into a cohesive statement. “When I listened back to this album, it seems like you can really see and feel what I was talking or singing about…it’s like a story,” he shares. “Lyrically it seems more in-depth. There’s something about this album that is more dreamy. I can see where it’s definitely different than anything that I’ve released.”

UNRAVEL Track Listing

1. My Last Song

2.   Fade

3.   Only In My Dreams (Watch)

4.   Aurora

5.   Unravel

6.   Dream Walking

7.   Burst

8.   Crosses

9.   Diminish

10. Borderline