Melt Releases 'West Side Highway' EP

Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Saturday, February 20, 2021

Today, emerging NYC indie soul band Melt released its long-awaited EP, West Side Highway. Now available across all streaming platforms, the dulcet six-track project presents musings on life and love from seven twenty-somethings carving out a name in the industry. Dubbed “one groovy super organism” by NPR, Melt has built a name throughout cities and college dorms nationwide for both stellar musicianship and high-energy live performance. With touring halted due to the current pandemic, the band shifted their focus to studio work, yielding a resplendent six-track EP that places production and lyricism front and center.

“Coming into the studio with the goal of creating a longer work, we thought more intently on how each track worked with one another and used the opportunity to weave together the wide set of influences helping to shape a seven-person band,” said Josh Greenzeig (Drums). “We used the EP format to create a snapshot of what that moment in time was for us, cementing elements of our sound that we love and finding new one’s worth exploring.”