Michal Menert 2015 Fall Tour + Upcoming Releases

Article Contributed by Tsunami Publicity | Published on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This fall Michal Menert takes his renowned musical stylings to the next level as he prepares for the September release of the debut studio album from his six-piece live band, Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics. The lyrically-driven EP will drop just before the band embarks on a 36-date tour across the U.S.

The Colorado-based musician and producer, dubbed by fans and the media as the godfather of electro-soul, has taken charge of the scene he helped create, pushing his music forward with bold creativity. His new band, Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics, is the latest incarnation of Menert's dedication to originality and musicianship in his music. The addition of live horns, keys, guitar, bass, and drums, plus his own sonic production makes Menert’s current and upcoming catalog come alive like never before.

The debut album for the sextet will be like nothing you've ever heard from Menert, and will distinguish Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics as its own musical force with a uniquely indie-rock style.  With beautiful melodic structure, vocals from Michal himself, and playfully inventive lyricism, this upcoming EP takes a leap in an exciting new direction while maintaining the uncompromising songwriting and production that we've come to expect. 

Bringing their new music on tour, the band, comprised of Michal Menert, Marcelo Moxy, AC Lao, Daniel De Lisle, Will Glazier and Matt van den Heuvel - all veterans of the Michal Menert Big Band - will be accompanied by additional sets from fellow Super Best artists Marcelo Moxy and WillDaBeast.

Tour Dates:

Philadelphia, PA   -   Coda   -   Oct 1
Darlington, MD   -   Luna Light Festival   -   Oct 2 
Buffalo, NY   -   Waiting Room Studio   -   Oct 3 
Pittsburgh, PA   -   Club Cafe   -   Oct 4
Portland, ME   -   Asylum   -   Oct 6   (RL)
Providence, RI   -   Fete Ballroom   -   Oct 7    (RL)
Burlington, VT   -   Higher Ground   -   Oct 8     (RL)
Boston, MA   -   Middle East   -   Oct 9   (RL)
New York, NY   -   Gramercy Theatre   -   Oct 10   (RL)
New Haven, CT   -   Stella Blues   -   Oct 12   (RL)
Charlottesville, VA  -   The Southern   -   Oct 13   (RL)
Richmond, VA   -   The Broadberry   -   Oct 14   (RL)
Asheville, NC   -   New Mountain in AVL   -   Oct 15   (RL)
Atlanta, GA   -   Terminal West   -   Oct 16   (ST)
Nashville, TN   -   Mercy Lounge   -   Oct 17   (ST)
Louisville, KY   -   Diamond Pub   -   Oct 18   (ST)
Bloomington, IN   -   Kilroys/Dunkirk   -   Oct 20   (ST)
St. Louis, MO   -   2720   -   Oct 21   (ST)
Madison, WI   -   Segredo   -   Oct 22   (ST)
Kalamazoo, MI   -   The Mix   -   Oct 23   (ST)
Rockdale, TX   -   Art Outside   -   Oct 24
Fayetteville, AR   -   George's Majestic   -   Oct 25
Albuquerque, NM   -   Stereo Bar   -   Oct 27
Durango, CO   -   Animas City Theatre   -   Oct 28
Aspen, CO   -   Belly Up   -   Oct 29
Denver, CO   -   Fillmore Auditorium  -   Oct 30   (ST)
Live Oak, FL   -   Hulaween   -   Oct 31
Seattle, WA   -   Barboza   -   Nov 5   (ST)
Portland, OR   -   Star Theatre   -   Nov 6
Eugene, OR   -   Cozmic   -   Nov 7
Arcata, CA   -   The Jam   -   Nov 8   (ST)
Tahoe, CA   -   Whiskey Dick's   -   Nov 10   (ST)
Santa Cruz, CA   -   The Catalyst   -   Nov 11   (ST)
Los Angeles, CA   -   Club Bahia   -   Nov 12
San Luis Obispo, CA   -   SLO Brew   -   Nov 13   (ST)
San Francisco, CA   -   Hawthorn   -   Nov 14   (ST)

(ST) = Support from StarRo (Soulection)
(RL) = Support from Russ Liquid