Minka to release Reincarnation on April 12th

Article Contributed by The Syndicate | Published on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Philadelphia's MINKA announces the final two EPs in their 2019 trilogy - two works that are complete opposites. The first is a potent blend of intrigue and sexuality – an R&B exploration of all things forbidden. The latter collection, by contrast, experiments with modern pop interpretations of 19th century classical repertoire. Mysteries of the Heart arrived on March 29 and Reincarnation, April 12.

In conjunction with the announce, MINKA shares new video for party tune "Rollerblades" off Mysteries of the Heart  – watch + share via YouTube.

MINKA recently debuted the first EP, the intensely felt, post-breakup End of the Affair on Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the release, MINKA will host a 'MINKA Masquerade' event at Warehouse on Watts in Philadelphia on March 15 - alongside bands, DJ's, and freaks all night.

Mysteries of the Heart is, on the surface, an upbeat collection of party tunes. Yet, feel-good grooves underpin a deeper search for self-understanding. Two years ago, vocalist/songwriter/keyboardist Ari “Dick” Rubin took a vow of silence and retreated into the woods. In his meditation, he rediscovered the inner self... a wild soul that the prison of modernity had stifled for too long, and could no longer be denied. When he emerged from that forest, he was a changed man – for he had conquered fear. At last, he was free, and took it upon himself to spread mirth and mischief wherever his travels took him. This EP recollects his adventures.

Reincarnation is an avant-garde EP in which Rubin, a classically trained pianist, interprets his favorite vocal pieces by Schubert, Schumann, and Strauss - updating them in his own words, and with electronic production. The original 19th century German “lieder” pieces, written for voice and solo piano accompaniment, are part of a musical tradition that remains under-appreciated, even amongst classical music’s fans. The seven songs are transmissions from another time, relocated into a context their composers could scarcely have imagined. Set amidst hiphop beats and Brian Eno-esque soundscapes, ancient melodies serve as a vehicle for an entirely new emotional expression.

Mysteries of the Heart Track Listing:                                               Reincarnation Track Listing:
01. Mysteries of the Heart                                                                    01. Dark
02. Something Special                                                                         02. Rain
03. Rollerblades                                                                                   03. Gone
04. Parties                                                                                            04. Dawn
05. You Knew I Was A Freak                                                               05. Hope
                                                                                                             06. Hours
                                                                                                             07. Sirens


Ari says of the Mysteries of the Heart EP:
i spent many months alone. in my thirst for a deeper understanding, i put aside physical and emotional needs. when i emerged from my solitude, though, i felt one impulse i couldn’t ignore. i needed to release a tidal wave of pent-up sexual energy. i wasn’t sure how to deal with this. in meditation, my practice is to acknowledge all thoughts, emotions, or physical feelings - and then let them go. if i surrender to carnal urges, am i betraying myself? i mean…can you picture the Dalai Lama cruising craigslist looking for fetish parties? maybe not. but what i think he’d say is that i was missing something essential: balance. in the practice of actually living life, it’s pointless to dissociate from my true self – a self that includes basic instincts. to be human, i must learn to live with the animal side. to make peace with it. only then can i begin to understand the 'Mysteries of the Heart'.

Ari says of the Reincarnation EP:
i’d venture to say that the general public has never even heard of lieder. 

i started learning it as an exercise - a way to put new vocal textures into practice. i was immediately drawn to the depth of feeling in these short (often two minute) pieces. it occurred to me: these melodies are timeless. and yet, nobody knows them. so i borrowed some of those melodies. i threw in my own lyrics. add a dash of hiphop and electronic flavor, and voila – something totally new.

well, maybe not totally new. something reincarnated.