Chip Greene

This track mixes roadhouse rock & roll and southern soul with a bluesy, backwoods stomp, chronicling the historic 2010 flood of the Cumberland River, which washed its way across many notable Nashville landmarks.

Raised on the southern outskirts of Nashville, Chip Greene grew up with a very different kind of Music City looming in the distance. The construction cranes and high-rise condos— now a ubiquitous part of Nashville's ever-growing skyline — wouldn't pierce the horizon for another decade or more, and creative-minded people were still in charge. It was there, in a city fueled by art and filled with starry-eyed musicians, that Greene launched his career as a piano-pounding songwriter, reshaping the influences of his childhood — including Billy Joel, Charlie Rich, U2, and Bruce Springsteen — into his own brand of smoky, salt-of-the-earth rock & roll.

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