April 2021

Saint Disruption, the spirit-driven music collective consisting of improvisational pianist John Medeski and folk-healer, musician Jeff Firewalker Schmitt, today releases their debut album Rose in the Oblivion: https://orcd.co/saintdisruption

In a stunning, full-color book, author Anthony Garone details a 22-year journey of transformation in mastering the intricate complexity of “Fracture” - described by composer Robert Fripp as “impossible to play.”

Anthony Garone’s ‘Failure to Fracture’ is a success story.” – Robert Fripp

Watch Robert Fripp praising “Failure to Fracture”: (https://youtu.be/-S9rnPQB9RI)

Ask anyone who’s caught them live and you’ll hear the same thing: It’s simply impossible to see Lara Hope & the Ark-Tones perform and not have a great time. A smile on the lips, a swivel in the hips, and an earful of snappy tunes are the inevitable takeaways from any Ark-Tones appearance. The band’s singular blend of rock ‘n’ roll, country, blues, surf, Western swing, rockabilly, folk, pop, and jazzy rhythm & blues gets feet a-moving and hands a-clapping no matter the audience.

Today, acclaimed Nashville-based songwriter Molly Parden makes her late night debut on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” for their #PlayAtHome series. Watch Parden’s performance of “Feel Alive Again,” the opener to her recent EP Rosemary, here.

Blue Note Records released “Stumbling Down (feat. Sampa The Great),” a new song from the legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen. It’s the second single from There Is No End, a posthumous album from Allen, who died last year at the age of 79. Featuring guest rappers and singers including Skepta, Danny Brown, Lava La Rue, Zelooperz, and more, the new full-length will be released on April 30, 2021, the one year anniversary of Allen’s death.

The latest full-length from Cordovas, Destiny Hotel is a work of wild poetry and wide-eyed abandon, set to a glorious collision of folk and country and groove-heavy rock-and-roll. In a major creative milestone for the Tennessee-based band—vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Joe Firstman, keyboardist Sevans Henderson, guitarist/vocalist Lucca Soria and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Toby Weaver—the album harnesses the freewheeling energy of their live show more fully than ever, all while lifting their songwriting to a whole new level of sophistication.