Ben Lorentzen releases news album

Article Contributed by Nordic Records | Published on Friday, October 27, 2017

Like an invisible conductor, music can dictate the emotions and demeanor of a person or an entire stadium full of people. Some musicians are drawn to the dreamy, optimistic sounds of pop, while others choose a darker, more obscure musical path. There is no doubt which path Ben Lorentzen has taken. He artistically utilizes his gift of a great lyricist and his ability to let the melody lead the mood of his songs. Although the music is intimate and often personal, it demands the attention of a large stage.

On the album Pains & Pleasures of Intimacy, we experience an honest, politically committed and vulnerable Ben - a nerve that chases the contrast between delicate reserved sounds to harsh brutal honesty. This album, which he describes as Suburban Noir, has more of en edge than his previous work, with a full band that explodes with bluesy rock’n roll on occasion.

Growing up in a strict religious environment, Ben felt limited by rules and regulations. There were endless lists of "do`s and don’t`s". Music, on the other hand, became his blank sheet of creativity and expression. "Music became my redemption", says Ben. “I remember feeling a high for a week after writing my first song. Over the years music became my religion, my gateway to the unknown, mysterious and spiritual. On this album I wanted to convey the importance of community, forgiveness and love. I want to remind myself and my listeners about the ugliness and difficulties of life without it being taboo”. Ben Lorentzen has already received glowing reviews in the United States, where he lives with his wife, In Jin Moon.