Bernie's Campaign Organizer Releases Politically Charged Music Video

Article Contributed by Christine Moad | Published on Monday, May 18, 2020

Despite Senator Sanders suspending his presidential campaign, the battle for social change is not over. Miss Christine's music video is an emphatic visual representation of the political action that took place to guarantee the rights millennials currently enjoy. “There’s so much to fight for,” and if we put aside our differences, we can make a change. We've seen this change take place as people stay home and flatten the curve. Together we are stronger.

“The Millennial Paradigm” appears on my 2019 debut full length album Conversion, an indie rock, new wave, blues, and soul influenced collection of songs which covers topics ranging from gender, personal strength, relationships, and politics. 

Conversion was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brett Ryan Stewart of Wirebird Productions. The music video was created by Duende Vision.

“The Millennial Paradigm” was released on April 30th, 2020.