Brent Cowles Debut Single, Cold Times

Article Contributed by 7S Management | Published on Saturday, October 15, 2016

Brent Cowles began playing the guitar at the age of 13. Within a year, he was writing his own music and playing in bands. At 17, Cowles began a solo career under the moniker You, Me and Apollo and played mostly in the southwest and west coast.

In 2011, You, Me and Apollo transitioned from a solo act to a full band. The band released a well-received debut EP titled Cards with Cheats and later a full-length album Sweet Honey. After a great ride and three years of touring the United States, and much to their fans dismay, the band called it quits.

After a short break from music, Cowles returned to his roots; standing on a stage, belting out his poetry. Cowles writes from a deep, raw, authentic place and marries it to a sound that is soulful, rocking and American. Cowles is currently working on new music and toward the release of a debut EP.

Cold Times Message from Brent:

"Cold Times is about the exclusivity we've created as a society. We've been divided and forced to pick sides. We're distracted from what is important by the screens we glue our faces to. We need to recognize the horrible to initiate change, and appreciate the beautiful. The times feel cold. Let's feel cold together." Brent Cowles