Charley Foskett to Release Debut ‘LATE BLOOMER’

Article Contributed by fosketts folk … | Published on Sunday, September 6, 2020

'FOSKETT' - a veteran record producer having worked with two Beatles, one Rolling Stone, one of Led Zeppelin and a whole host of famous international name artists is still breathing. 

After two long haul battles with cancer he is a happy boy, now in his early 70’s - He is on a mission with one heck of an inspiring and uplifting back story to tell, a story which is full of hope - not only to those who have been through and are going through similar circumstances, but to everyone out there who cares about their own health and well-being, especially in an upside down world stricken with pandemic and anger.

Charley Foskett to Release Debut Folk and Roots Song Album ‘LATE BLOOMER’ from September 2020 -

Label - Shmusicmusic Records -

'LATE BLOOMER' is a powerful, inspirational message of hope and the indomitable human spirit runs through this whole album - Rock and Roots Magazine.

'LATE BLOOMER' is quite simply, not to be missed - This is the album that you didn't know you'd been waiting for' 

The Beat Magazine.

Available at and all on-line stores from Septemeber 2020.