The connection between brothers may have its advantages

Article Contributed by Warren Van Kirk | Published on Saturday, June 1, 2019

The brothers have been no stranger to performing live with the band Strange Arrangement® and we can add The Brothers Van Kirk to the list of siblings who work together, exploring and creating music and arts. The connection between brothers may have its advantages. The brothers provide a fun and funky environment mixed with a variety of energetic music. While performing the brothers expose and inspire each other offering an original refreshing and emotional sound.

Gregory Van Kirk known as the bouncing bass player for his aerial acrobatics while performing and Warren’s creative songwriting, use of vocals and guitar allow for embellishments on the theme.

The Brothers Van Kirk and Strange Arrangement® have been actively involved with numerous fundraisers, benefits and charity work including starting a free community music program Monday Music. The release of their newest track Life Wata© will also

be formatted as a Public Service Announcement to raise awareness of the importance of our daily role in maintaining and living in harmony with our precious Life Wata©.

The brothers have recorded with established producer Jamie Wilson at the Live Room, Unity Gain Recording Studio & Institute. The Life Wata© music was recorded at the brothers studio in Florida. The accompanying video was shot on Pine Island Florida one of the largest islands in Florida, and the Intracoastal Waterway passes through Pine Island Sound where legend has it you just might hear one of the brothers song, playing in the sound.

Until then.  Step into this atmosphere as we prepare for the World Wide release of The Brothers Van Kirk, Life Wata©.