Jonathan Conant releases his new single "Never Never Never"

Article Contributed by Jonathan Conant | Published on Friday, June 26, 2020

Currently producing in his studio in Central America, Jonathon Conant spent a year in LA working with Grammy winner Clark Germain at Wonder World Studios crafting new tracks that brings all his melodic talent to life.

Jonathon is a singer/songwriter who unabashedly lays his soul out and never lets the world tell him how to do it. At times brutally honest, at times playfully cheeky. His new release Never, Never, Never is super upbeat, fun and funky.

His crew of bad ass back up don’t fool around either. Jonathon encourages them to smash his tunes senseless with juicy riffs, edgy rhythm and solos the tracks can barely contain. “As players we want our fans to feel bowled over then stand up and ask for more. If the tune is just fun or deadly serious, it’s something we should all be experiencing for the first time, fully immersed together.”

Never, Never, Never is one of a few tunes Jonathon’s team is releasing as they wind up for pushing the collection. Also check out You Don’t Gotta and Run which feature some of LA’s best players doing what they do best.