Milwaukee Summerfest is set to Dispatch great Music

Each summer since 1968, music lovers from all over make their way to Wisconsin to enjoy the annual Summerfest held in Milwaukee. The festival of 2013 begins on June 26th and lasts for eleven days. Music lovers UNITE! This fest in the big little city of Milwaukee boasts eleven days with eleven stages with over 800 acts and more than 1000 performances. There are bands ranging from some of the most well known in the world like the Violent Femmes and The Cure, to some of the smaller bands making their way into the spotlight. In and amongst this plethora of sound is Dispatch.

Dispatch is collaboration between three musicians, Brad Corrigan, Chad Stokes and Pete Francis. The group’s sound includes classic guitar, violins and hand drums, depending on the sound they are aiming for. No way to pigeon-hole these guys into a little bracket of sound, they will make even the pickiest of music fans start to boogie. Their hiatus in 2002 has brought them back to finding their own unique style of jamming again. Dispatch is currently on their Circle Around The Summer Tour as they promote their upcoming release. "Ain't No Trip To Cleveland, Volume 1" will be available on June 4th, 2013, and is a full - length 26 song live release.

After gaining enormous popularity with their return to the music world in 2011, Dispatch has teamed up with Amplifying Education, a group committed to giving back and playing a part in the lives of our future. They make a strong contribution to promoting solid education practices all around the world. Summerfest brings an energy all its own, with crowds numbering as many as 900,000. So many souls being united through music and enjoying the offerings of the festival is truly a Guinness world record. (since 1999 it is THE largest music fest!) For the Chicago native like me will include a good hot dog and a cold beer.  See you there!

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