Murder Murder releases new Single/Video

Murder Murder is a full string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. The new single/video "I've Always Been A Gambler" is the first from their upcoming LP Wicked Lines and Veins which will be released this September.

The track is a fast-paced, dobro-driven song about an angry drifter in a card game who can’t stand the sight of the man across the table from him. While an original tune, it references two classic gambling folk songs - “Jack of Diamonds” and “The Cuckoo." Northern Ontario’s Murder Murder are a full string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. Their virtuosic musicianship and evocative songwriting are backed by a wealth of original and traditional murder ballads.

Murder Murder was one of only 18 bands invited to showcase last February in London UK for the Americana Music Association UK Conference. Most of the band members love playing Euchre. We make moonshine to take on tour and also make the coveted Apple Pie moonshine. The band has a busy summer lined up and is headlining at various festivals. The band was in a horrible accident involving black ice while on tour in Saskatchewan a year-and-a-half ago that destroyed a tour van, trailer, upright bass, other personal belongings (laptop and phone included), and one band member lost the tip of his right index finger. The band has performed in 13 different countries.

Watch "I've Always Been A Gambler" here:

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