Sleepy Gaucho Just Released his 'Morning Light'

Article Contributed by Wally | Published on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Sleepy Gaucho's discerning brand of Panamerican-influenced folk music floats somewhat aimlessly in a realm of it’s own. Born in Wisconsin while also growing up some time in Argentina, the young multi-instrumentalist’s music can at times be melancholic, at others ethereal, but always agreeable. His seven track debut record 'Another Time', while initially recorded in Madison, WI, was eventually finished after the songwriter happened to find himself drifting around an East London neighborhood for a few months.

Since returning to his hometown of Milwaukee, Sleepy Gaucho began the creative process for his next project. Straying away from the last record's approach, he recruited the likes of veterans such as Patrick Sansone of Wilco and fellow talent ranging from local friends and Nashville session musicians for his upcoming sophomore album, 'Morning Light", out June 2nd on Milwaukee based indie label Hear Here Records.

Sleepy Gaucho just released "Watchin' Paint Dry" off his upcoming album "Morning Light."