Widespred Panic | Fillmore Miami Beach | 11/5/13 | Review

Tuesday, Nov. 5, Widespread Panic took over South Beach's Fillmore Auditorium for a wild night of pure jams, not something you find every day in Miami. The usual South Beach goers were raided by an inflow of dedicated hippies, both old and young, uniting under one magical roof. Finally, the presence of Panic in this colorful city, it's been far too long for this Georgia native new to Miami. Dancing nonstop on the authentic hardwood floor, gazing at this Miami-retro venue, this was truly a unique performance for the glorified auditorium. Panic lovers were happy to come together with different kinds of free-loving fans each in a star struck gaze prepared to rock all night.

The backdrop swirled in beautiful patterns of neon shades of green, blue and pink reflecting off the light capturing chandeliers above. The spirit of the band was felt throughout that beautiful theater which was evenly adorned with a mind-blowing array of bright lights and chilling vibrations. The auditorium of jam-fans, thrilled to have such a rare performance on the shores of South Beach, made for a fitting mix of beats, crazy images and unique individuals, each different but united for the love of music. The retro feel of the Fillmore complimented the authenticity of the band--both built from talented artists and enhanced with bright shades of captivating illumination. The colorful performance was driven by a perfectly synced set list. An experience I will not forget, the perfect night where the Gatsby essence of old Miami paired magically with the lovely collaboration of a truly unique band. A night to remember.


The Fillmore Miami at Jackie Gleason Theater | Miami, Florida


Wondering >

Send Your Mind


Solid Rock

Tail Dragger

Hatfield >

Cotton Was King

Visiting Day

Thought Sausage

Travelin' Light


You Should Be Glad

Proving Ground

Picking Up the Pieces

Climb to Safety >

Driving Song >

Blight >

Driving Song

Big Wooly Mammoth




Ride Me High*

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