Adam Wakefield

Adam Wakefield: Man Behind The Voice

In Wakefield’s EP, we hear bits of each of his favorite genres represented. From the soulful blues undertones in “Love is Blind, to the hints of rock and roll in “Blame it On Me”, Wakefield covers everything that makes his music not only diverse, but unique. “I grew up on the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin... lots of music with soul. Southern rock and mainstream country have pretty much been mutually exclusive over the last decade or two, with the exception of The Cadillac Three, Eric Church and a few others. I feel like those are important roots for me to keep represented in my tunes. Nowadays, you're less likely to see an artist turn up the amplifiers and let it all hang out. Rock and roll has been taking a backseat for a while now, and I think it has a champion in mainstream country music if we can just embrace and welcome it,” says Wakefield about what inspires the core of his music.