Leon III

Today, Leon III released “This Whisper Is Ours,” the second glimpse at Leon III’s forthcoming album Antlers In Velvet, due out on March 5. "This Whisper Is Ours” is a song that dives into the mechanics of secrets between people. “It’s a song about a secret between two people that turns out to be a total misconception. But, they believe it and navigate their lives around this false truth nonetheless,” says Andy Stepanian. An action that happens daily, and one that anyone can relate to.

Psychedelic rock with Americana undertones is how Andy Stepanian describes his band’s newest song and forthcoming album. “Fly Migrator”, with it’s Dead-like guitar preamble, stretches over nine minutes and establishes the sonic ground for Leon III’s forthcoming album, Antlers in Velvet.  This is the first song released from the album and the first from Leon III since their 2018 debut.

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