Do you dance when you stream a show? I can’t do it. But I’ll admit, as the stage lights came up, replacing Billy Strings’ concert poster, I could feel the gooseflesh on my arms perking up. What is a full concert experience right now? Interactive? Maybe. Original? Definitely. Happening now; unfolding with, or in spite, of me. The energy on stage must be manifested in a different way. So, what is the place of the viewer? We no longer are wrapped up in the vibe we are helping to create.

Al Stewart has been a notable singer/songwriter for more than fifty years. On his first four albums, which were not originally released in the United States, he was accompanied by such notable musicians as Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Richard Thompson, and Rick Wakeman.

It is easy to understand that musicians whose lifeblood is not only playing for a crowd but feeding off their audience’s liveliness would feel an unfillable void during these unusual times. From a fan’s perspective, they couldn’t think of anywhere better to be than with their favorite band, with that crowd, in that sacred space of connectivity. It’s hard to imagine the artists wouldn’t have that similar longing as playing for a packed music hall isn’t safe for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020, is Election Day. You should know this unless you’ve buried your head in the sand which is somewhat understandable considering this crazy climate. (By the way, it’s a myth ostriches do this. From a distance, it may look like it has buried its very small head in the sand.

“Oh my god, ok, it’s happening.” – Michael Scott

With a Billy Strings show upcoming (I almost thought I’d never say that again), is it weird that the only thing on my mind is what to wear for my first concert in four months?

What is that ingredient that every kitchen needs? Is it butter? Salt? Every kitchen needs good clean running water.  The water of life runs through the hearth of every good kitchen. The stove, the water, and a whole lotta love are staples for every warm memory of the family time in the kitchen.  It gets hot in the kitchen, that’s for sure. Laughter galore and crying tears of sweat and perfection as the loaf comes out of the oven.

I love it! The Ghost of Paul Revere absolutely nailed it with their new single and accompanying music video, “Love At Your Convenience.” The vocals are powerful while the instrumentals are heavy and deeply rooted in a soulful mixture of folk, bluegrass, rock and a touch of alternativeness. They refer to their style as ‘holler folk.’ It seems to me it is an adaptation of the field holler genre which was sung by Black slaves.

I was climbing into bed when I heard the sound of my pipes screaming. The rush of water deafening the late night quiet. This time I knew exactly what it was. The woman in the silver BMW, minus plates was using my driveway faucet to shower again. The first time she did this I ran about my house trying to figure out if I had left the water on or if a pipe burst. When I finally realized it was coming from the shared driveway, I thought my neighbor was using the spigot after a mid-day surf. It wasn’t my neighbor.

I have heard countless times, “America is the greatest country on earth.” Always on top. Our COVID-19 case counts are almost a quarter of the world’s totals. Deaths! This analogy is used often, really capturing the grim reality. If three planes, holding approximately 350 people each, crashed every day that would be the equivalent of what we are experiencing in our nation. In late May, after Memorial Day, we realized 100,000 deaths. It’s been just over a month and now we are nearing 130,000. It’s so terrible the European Union is considering restricting us from traveling abroad.

In the late 1960’s a revolutionary, counter movement instituted by our nation’s youth was born. It focused on experimentation, heightened awareness, groundbreaking sounds, including statement pieces, rebutting the system, and casting off conservative social values. ‘Summer of Love’ was the name given to soften the period which was criticized by the mainstream. (Let’s call it as it was. They were freaked out by the hippies.) Without question, it was a turning point, shifting our perspectives. We are now in the midst of another rebellion. This better be our ‘Summer of Love.’

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