Apoc | Boredom Springs Anew | Review

Article Contributed by June Reedy | Published on Friday, April 16, 2010

The release of Boredom Springs Anew from Apoc comes just as the flowers bloom. This hip hop act cannot seem to stay put to any single location. Apoc releases tendrils to each place he blooms; he is more like a vine than any flower or houseplant.  When I first met we were both observing the late night bar scene back home in Chicago.  We got to talking after finding out that we both had a passion for writing.  This was over 10 years ago. Look at him now!  This vine has thrived, revived and Sprung Anew!

My favorite is I’m so important, track #2. I, like most in society, have a facebook page.  I am ashamed to admit it out loud. Yet I log in daily.  Okay, I log in a couple times a day.  Okay I have my early morning coffee talk with my facebook friends pretty much every day.  There. I said it.  Apoc translates the truth of it all and teaches me to laugh at myself.

I asked Big Apoc about the album – here’s his reply:

My new album, Boredom Springs Anew, is about rebirth and redemption, both sonically and lyrically. It’s a chronicle of my ongoing battle with boredom, in all of its varied manifestations. I’ve been calling the music on this album post-hip hop, as it feels too alive to still be considered part of a dying culture. From the beginning, Earmint and I were adamant that we weren’t setting out to make another hip hop record, although we allowed that some hip hop songs might be created in the process. An amalgamation of a variety of influences, the album bounces from boom-bap to post-punk to IDM to dreamy synth-pop, sometimes within the span of a single track. In the process of creating these songs I’ve been able to reclaim my passion for music, art and life. Earmint and I are both really proud of the songs collected here and hope that they can help to ease some of your modern malaise, even if only for a few fleeting moments.

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