Dave Keller Proclaims "You Get What You Give" on New Album

Article Contributed by Mark Pucci Media | Published on Sunday, October 18, 2020

Two-time Blues Music Award nominee Dave Keller is an acclaimed triple-threat: an outstanding singer, an intense guitarist, and a talented songwriter. Fueled by his love of deep Southern soul blues and gospel, his performances ring out with passion, integrity, and an ability to break down the barriers between performer and audience.

On his new Tastee Tone Records CD, You Get What You Give, set for release on November 20th, Keller unites with a host of likeminded singers and musicians from the blues, soul and gospel music worlds to create a very special album of songs dedicated to raising funds toward enhancing racial justice and equity. Joining him are Trudy Lynn, Joe Louis Walker, Annika Chambers, Johnny Rawls, Annie Mack, Dawn Tyler Watson, Brother Bob White, Carly Harvey, Toussaint St. Negritude, Katie Henry, Chad Hollister and many more artists who donated their time and talent for the cause.

“We’ve already raised over $2,000.00 from pre-orders, all of which will go directly to groups working for racial justice and equity,” says Keller, who also produced the album. “So far, the list of groups includes NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Know Your Rights Camp, N'COBRA, and Jus' Blues Foundation.

“Back in June, after the murder of George Floyd, I watched this country seething with anger and pain,” relates Dave Keller about the new album’s genesis. “As someone who has built his career performing Black music, and who has received priceless gifts from Black mentors, I asked myself: ‘What can I do to help?’ Due to Covid-19, all my summer gigs had been cancelled, and I had some extra time on my hands. So, I thought, ‘What if I record my new originals with some of my friends, and donate the money from album sales to groups working for racial justice and equity?’

“I put the idea out there on social media, and the response was incredible. Within 24 hours I had received hundreds of dollars-worth of pre-orders. Dozens of musicians wanted to participate. Clearly other folks felt the way I did and wanted to give back in some way.

“The musicians on this album represent a great diversity of styles, backgrounds, ages, genders, and ethnicities. Some are known around the world. Some are known only locally. But most importantly, their music and their ‘soul’ move me. I am proud to call each of these wonderful human beings a friend.”