Erica Glyn Unleashes 'The Animal' New Music Video

Article Contributed by The Catalyst P… | Published on Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Erica Glyn has had quite a year since the release of her 2012 full-length effort, Static. She’s received praise and awe for her self-produced and released work. Static graced a few “Best of 2012” lists, her songs landed on radio in far off corners of the world, and she has already dropped four stunningly unique videos for singles off the album. She’ll be ending the impressive Static run with one last video for her sultry and provocative song “The Animal”, premiering exclusively on PureVolume.

When asked about the inspiration behind “The Animal”, Erica explained:

"The Animal" is one of those songs that just fell out of me and into place. I love the simple lyrics and how that simplicity reflects the meaning of the song. It's about female carnal desire, from the female perspective. The musical arch of The Animal ended up mimicking a sexual experience complete with a slow instrumental foreplay introduction, a long and steady build of instruments, to a burst of climactic psychedelia with trumpets hailing it's arrival, whirling vocals singing "the animal comes out for you", to the instrumental petering-out of the post coital cigarette guitar ascension.

"The concept of this song was hard to put into a visual representation; to represent the subtly of the meaning without it being misunderstood or getting hacked up, keeping it classy and portraying the nuances was a real challenge. I think it helped that we referenced a time period that was very buttoned up, prude and unwelcoming of self-possessed female sexuality. I really didn't want it to be harsh, overt or vulgar. So we used the late 1950's/early 60's as our point of deterrence. The video is meant to be exciting, joyful and supportive of women and their own lust for life. Women get carnal, and if they're lucky, they get to express it without judgment from others or themselves."


New York City based artist/producer, Erica Glyn, is an amplifying force in the music industry. From her self-made creations to her songwriting/production work, she’s becoming a well-known entity and making fans across the globe. She produces a unique and intriguing sound, mixing elements of trip-hop, rocktronica and a splash of psychedelic rock with her captivating vocals and commanding lyrics. Erica leans towards the unconventional, experimenting with instrumentation and tonal effects, which garner her comparisons to boundary-pushing powerhouses like Florence Welch and Fiona Apple. Erica’s vampy, garage-pop lures listeners into “a world of the unusual and strange”, a landscape of pulsating beats, surging synthesizers, elegantly volcanic melodies, and dark, poetic lyrics.

She began her career working with Grammy nominated producer/engineer Bob Power, on albums by India.Arie, The Roots, Ozomatli, Citizen Cope and Meshell Ndegeocello among others. As an engineer, Erica has worked with a variety of notable personalities that include Hillary Clinton, Clive Davis, Hoda Kotb, Harvey Firestein, Aaron Tveit, Ed Westwick, Richard Clarke (Audie Award), Stephen Colbert, Frank McCourt (Audie Award), Joan Rivers, Uma Thurman, Dr. Oz, Mariane Pearl (Audie Award), Valerie Plame, Michael J. Fox (Audie Award) and John Lithgow (Audie Award), the latter two projects both garnering Grammy nominations.

Erica has currently begun working on her forthcoming album, due out mid-2013, and plans to amp up her live performance schedule, so stay tuned for announcements!