Innovative Giving Enhancement (IGE) Announces 2019 Music and Art Immersion Event in Lisbon

Article Contributed by Innovative Giv… | Published on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Innovative Giving Enhancement (IGE) releases today the dates of the 2019 Music and Art Immersion: a matchless adventure which plunges each participant into the heart of Lisbon’s vibrant cultural scene. Through the intimate IGE Music and Art Immersion experience held October 4 - 13, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal, boundaries dissolve between superstar musicians and fans, performers and spectators, participants and environments.

Immersion concerts and jams integrate American Musical Ambassadors with the finest of European All Star improvisational players in performances exclusively for the handful of IGE participants and local charities over the course of ten days and nine nights. By design, each participant is woven within the fabric of every uniquely crafted daily experience. Together, participants experience intimate collaborations of curated supergroups, encounter art and foster community with their favorite musical icons.

Throughout Lisbon’s diverse urban canvas, Immersion participants enjoy nightly concerts and unique musical performances across a palette of atmospheric venues, shifting from club to cathedral, palace to museum, quaint theater to scientific society.

Beyond the musical connections, IGE participants bring direct benefit to local Lisbon nonprofits and artist communities as IGE Musical Ambassadors, European All Stars in Residence, Portuguese partners and local friends collaborate to support IGE’s nonprofit partners, the APCC (Association for the Cultural Promotion of Children), First Time and other native organizations.

Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass offers insights on his experience within the IGE Immersion in 2017 and 2018, stating “an IGE immersion is like no musical excursion you will participate in. It’s incomparable to any vacation; becoming a community in a foreign land to appreciate culture, art and music is the way to get to know a city like you never can sightseeing alone. On Immersions you are simultaneously a traveller and at home with a group of common-minded people.”

Keith Moseley of The String Cheese Incident, a two time Immersion veteran, offers a glimpse of the revelry at the heart of the Immersive experience: "For me, the IGE Immersion is truly unique. It’s not a gig, it’s not a vacation, it’s an opportunity to be who we are, among friends. Lovers of culture, of language, of food, of lifestyle. It’s about special musical collaborations in sublime settings. It’s about sharing laughter and wonder and song in enchanting European locations. It’s about tuning in to the local vibe and rhythms and soaking them up.  It’s less about performing music, and more about playing it out of joy, inspiration and gratitude fueled by the immersive experience."

Reservations for IGE’s 2019 Lisbon Music and Art Immersion are available now with capacity extremely limited to retain the intimacy of the Immersive environment; spaces can be held for a deposit of $250. Complete details on 2019 registrations, participant & artist testimonials, along with photo & video recaps of prior trips can be found at