New Album from The Rough & Tumble

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Moving to Nashville to break out in the Americana/Country music scene is a rite of passage for young bands, but rarely does a bands story have them moving out of Nashville. Well, that’s exactly what The Rough & Tumble did, heading out on the road and living out of a 16’ camper touring the country with two dogs. That life changing type of brave decision does not always pay off, but The Rough & Tumble have been gaining ground and fans with every release and even snagged the much-coveted Americana Song of the Year honor from the Annual Independent Music Awards.

Their new album cleverly titled We’re Only Family if You Say So, is a highly realized lyrical and musical experience to say the least. Singles “You Took Your Turn” and “You’re Not Going Alone” were perfect snapshots into the mind of a band that has a craft both familiar and oddly unique in the genre they live in. The Bluegrass Situation treated us all with a live video version of “You’re Not Going Alone”, which gives you a different take on the track in a more stripped-down setting. One of the rippers on the album, “Too Much” features harmonica from Ron “Rosco” Selley.

Here is what the duo had to say about one the stand out tracks “Too Much”:

"This song was paired with bourbon at its start, and ended with a pot of coffee one afternoon three months later. While we wrote it as a song about calling out conflict avoidance, it ended up being a song about our own avoidance, too-- drinking to keep from dealing with those feelings that come with a break up of any sort. In this case, a family break-up. Ron "Rosco" Selley of Bay City, MI was the indispensable final layer added to this tune, laying down a blazing harmonica that morphs from feeling like fiddle to a third voice. We took cues from barn burning rock, foot stomping blues, and chugging zydeco to lend itself to the bare, direct lyrics-- but Rosco brought the actual fire."

We’re Only Family if You Say So, is a must listen. Excited to see what is to come with the band, but we are told they will be releasing new music later this year with Portland label, Dutch Records who has brought us music from Brad Parsons, The Shook Twins, Ezra Bell, Midnight North and more.