NYC Pop-Soul Band Melt Release New Single, Hours

Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Saturday, January 16, 2021

Today, NYC-based psychedelic pop-soul septet Melt released a new single, Hours. The ruminative ballad is the third offering from the band’s debut EP, set to be released next month. Available across all streaming platforms, the single captures the band’s sonic and lyrical maturity and is a welcome presentation of their impressive studio acumen. A balanced combination of fervent low end, cascading synth leads, and inquisitive guitar lines create Hours - a lover’s sojourn, explicated through melody.

“We recorded this track a few days after I showed it to the band and I love that you can hear the freshness of the song.  ‘Hours’ totally captures the energy and intoxication we feel working on something new.  We wanted to convey that feeling of meeting someone –– the excitement, but also the haziness and fantasy of it,” said Eric Gabriel (Vocals, Keys).

Melt. (L-R) (Nick Sare (Saxophone),  Veronica Stewart-Frommer (Lead Vocals),  Lucas Saur (Bass), Eric Gabriel (Vocals, Keys)  Coulou (trumpet)  Marlo Shankweiler (Guitar), Josh Greenzeig ). Photo: Gus Aronson

Hours was produced and engineered by Aaron Nevezie at The Bunker Studio, mixed by Michael Brauer, and mastered by Heba Kadry. Known throughout the east coast as a high-energy live powerhouse, the track captures Melt’s signature sound, despite the challenges the current pandemic presented to the creative process.

“Something unique about this project is that before we release new music, we normally test it live on tour for months to years. Quarantine forced us to hunker down, write new songs, and create—without any feedback from an audience,” added Veronica Stewart-Frommer (Vocals).

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