The Wood Brothers | Boulder Theater | 12/7/18

Article Contributed by Mikki Salvetti | Published on Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Wood Brothers never disappoint in bringing the house down in their hometown, and last week's show was no exception.  The evening started with Amy Helm (product of Levon Helm).  She has a beautiful voice, and stage presence and her band members were exquisite.  I saw hints of 'The Band'... made me wonder if her Dad was at the Theater last evening.  Great way to start the night!

Amy Helm Band | Boulder Theater

The chemistry between Chris and Oliver Wood ran high alongside Jano Rix.  They learned of their Grammy nomination last night, and the crowd was thrilled to hear of it from Oliver. Another added surprise was that Chris and Oliver's Dad joined them on stage for a song after they pulled out a vintage microphone.  There were shouts of "Go, Dad!".

The Wood Brothers with their Dad in Boulder

Oliver made a request from the audience "so this is a big moment for us, and we'll ask that ya'll shut your 'pie holes' during this time" there was laughter from the crowd and everyone immediately respected that wish.  "This means to shush your neighbor just for a minute cuz we're gonna bring it way down old school and see how it goes, I think it feels good that way... just for a minute".  It was an honor to be a part of that magic.  There is no doubt that their papa was a happy man.

Chris Wood | Boulder Theater

So many great songs and of course Chris pulled out his signature "Gumby" moves that makes all of us watch with amazement.  Amy Helm's band joined The Wood Brothers, and it was a beautiful collaboration.

Amy Helm (and some of her band) with The Wood Brothers

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