Hamish Anderson is a young singer/songwriter striving to keep the blues music genre alive and well. The talented guitarist produces music in the vein of some of the best 60's/70’s Blues rockers like Cream, The Rolling Stones, and even with a nod to Blues-rock legend T Rex. The Australian musician has already wracked an enviable career in the world of American blues music. We recently chatted about his bright career, the pandemic challenge to live performances, and his plans for the future.

Grateful Web recently had the honor of visiting with Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay. While most folks are familiar with Donna Jean as the radiant co-vocalist of 1970s Grateful Dead, augmenting some of the seminal group’s most celebrated tunes such as “The Music Never Stopped,” “Cassidy,” “Mississippi Half-Step,” and “Playing in the Band,” she holds deeper roots in Americana as a 1960s session musician of the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.

Michigander’s newest EP release, “Everything Will Be OK Eventually” dropped on all platform’s March 19. After spending two years working on it following the release of his previous EP “Where Do We Go From Here” in 2019, artist Jason Singer said he was, “relieved, exhausted and excited” that his new music was finally being shared with the world.

The Montana based group Satsang has just released “This Place (featuring Trevor Hall),” the second single from their breathtaking new album, ‘All. Right. Now.’ (out June 4th). “This Place” forms the emotional core of the new album, which finds frontman Drew McManus reconnecting with his Montana roots and exploring a whole new palette of sounds, inspired by the wide-open fields and soaring mountains of their home state.

This past year has been a challenging one for everyone across the globe.  The music industry has been hit especially hard with small venues closing, touring musicians unable to perform and uncertainty around when the concert industry will be able to open back up again. Despite this, musicians are still creating and writing new material and many folks – professional musicians and those who just enjoy playing – have spent time during quarantine devoted to becoming more proficient or learning a new instrument altogether.

Born in Louisiana but living in Baltimore, MD, Miles Gannett is making us rethink what it means to be an Americana artist. This rethinking is good. On his new album, Meridian, we're hearing a combination of hard driving bluegrass, as well as great folky songwriting. There's some jam moments, too. And it's all Americana. It's all rooted in the tradition of great lyrics paired with top tier instrumentation by great players.

As we open the windows and let the spring breezes blow, I find myself reflecting on what a year it has been. Confidence Man by Pat Ferguson has been the song to help process all this muck and mire.

Ervin Stellar made the long journey, physically and musically, from New York City to Nashville a few years ago. And his forthcoming release, Nothing to Prove, actually proves quite a lot. Musically, it vibes Americana but the songwriting is well steeped in the folk tradition. He's a formidable songwriter and musician who has great taste in music, evident in his cover selections (read more about those in our interview with him below).

Forever on the hunt for new music, may I present to you 16-year old phenom, Brody Schenk. Described as a Bob Dylan of sorts, this singer songwriter writes lyrics like, "Thousands of my last words hung on the wall." Brody Schenk is in a band called the Old Souls Band and his Masterpiece inspired solo stuff is much more than ol Bobby D because it's happening now, in a time of multiple major events that history will record.

All the world’s a vibration, yet music remains in the abstract, lurking in the formless world of potential, eagerly awaiting the inspiration of someone to bring it to form. The musician, in answer to this calling, illuminates what was once invisible, carrying us into the mind and heart of a moment, an emotion, or to the edges of the universe itself. Like an astronaut, these bards reveal a dimension of being, one central within all of existence—Feeling, the explorations of which seems to know no bounds.

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