Octave Cat

Minka / Beard-o-Bees is Ari Rubin (Minka) and Jesse Miller (Lotus, Octave Cat). Their debut release, the 5-track EP Paella blends electronica synths, dance-inducing beats, indie song-writing and a surprising amount of soul. After releasing the single “Out for Blood” the full EP is now available.

Octave Cat, the trio featuring Eli Winderman (Dopapod - keyboards), Jesse Miller (Lotus – bass/modular synths) and Charlie Patierno (drums), will release their second studio album Refract on September 6, 2019. The LP extends the band's sound further into jazz and analog-synth electronic musical territory.

Octave Cat started unintentionally. Jesse Miller (bassist for Lotus) and Eli Winderman (keyboardist for Dopapod) met up to play some of Jesse's modular and vintage synthesizers. They recorded parts of the session which evolved into the tracks “Limber Up” and “Spar.” They brought in Charlie Patierno to play drums on these two tracks, and Octave Cat was born.

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