Life has changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic. No traveling, concerts, movies, drinks at bars, gym sessions or even weekly, mundane marketing trips. I now daydream about these previously unappreciated activities. Cat Ridgeway’s album, “Nice To Meet You” is how I will approach the world and each wonderful and sometimes even boring endeavor once it’s safe to resume some normality.

Three-eleven brought their funk drenched rap infused rock sounds to the Ventura Fairgrounds for the Concerts In Your Car series on November 14th. The boys from Omaha played two distinctive back-to-back shows drawing material from their thirteen studio albums and more.  Since last June, when CBF Productions launched the first drive-in live music experience in California at the Ventura Fairgrounds, there has been a rebirth of live music events on the south coast.

Nine minutes and twenty-two seconds of soul-piercing vocals and heavy electro come together to form deadmau5 and Kiesza’s new single “Bridged By a Lightwave” which was released Nov 10.

What happens when the world’s two leading bands carrying the torch of the Jerry Garcia Band experience unite into one unstoppable force? This was the scene at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, California as Garcia Band alum and current JGB frontman Melvin Seals joined California’s own Jerry’s Middle Finger for a sold-out Saturday evening Drive-in concert on November 14.

In tarot culture, the number three is often referred to as the “trinity of creation,” which is seen as an expression of the creative power of life itself, tapping into all the resources that manifest through creative actions and processes. It also stands for the duality of the power of two to create a whole — often represented by a triangle — which is one of the strongest structures available.

I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving. I like being with family, the time off from work and of course all the decadent trimmings, but sadly it now signifies personal tragedy. Even the weeks heading towards Turkey Day causes debilitating anxiety. (Try not to die on a major holiday. It makes the healing process more arduous.) This year, due to the pandemic, my emotional state is much worse. I will be home instead of trying to enjoy a little vacation get-a-way to distract from the nightmare that transpired. Avoiding the day and skipping straight to Christmas never seemed like a possibility.

Twang meets psychedelic groove when Billy Strings comes to town. The 28-year-old bluegrass star performed for an empty Ryman Auditorium on October 25th while fans watched through a livestream platform. Strings powerful stage presence allowed his virtual audience to feel like they were front row at the famous Nashville venue and fully immersed in the sound of live music.

We live in an “Impossible World” filled with flawed structures, disregarded principles, senseless pain, and too many broken hearts. Front Country always gets to the core of difficult issues revealing the honest truths. They do this with clear intentions and absolute exquisiteness in every note.

Kindred Spirits” is Larkin Poe’s newest record consisting of eleven tribute tracks. A well-crafted cover album is difficult to pull off. These are imposing songs. Enthusiasts have strong emotional ties to the originals and their creators are legends. To succeed the reproductions must be unique and spellbinding. The sister duo already proving their prowess, this being their fifth studio record, clearly are not just a cover band.

Something about Fruition’s latest release makes me want to hop in the car with my friends and jam out with the windows down as we drive into the night. Released October 16, a two-track single featuring “For You” and “Stand With You” came at a time when the world needed it the most.

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