Elephant Revival New Years @ the Aggie Theater | Preview

Music often invokes a different emotion or nostalgia in everyone. Not only do these emotions or feelings warm our hearts, but they keep us wanting more. Groups such as Elephant Revival have no problem unlocking these emotions within us, and do so in an impressive yet joyful fashion.

This 5-piece acoustic or “transcendental” folk band comes to Fort Collins to play a New Years Eve show at the Aggie Theatre. By playing a mix of folk, bluegrass and americana this group truly creates an innovative heart-felt sound. Elephant Revival encompasses a laid back relaxing vibe, but can quickly turn up the tempo with their upbeat Celtic violin arrangements. All five members sing and write songs, the variety is never ending, but all members work together nicely to create their signature sound. The talent that each band member contains really is outstanding. Each member can be seen playing multiple instruments throughout the show, the songwriting and lyrics really stand out with this group. The band just recently released an EP “It’s Alive”, and also has two full length albums, “Break in the Clouds” and their self titled debut album.

They will be performing on December 31st at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, there are still tickets available. Elephant Revival has a strong following in Colorado, which comes to no surprise seeing as the group has its roots in Nederland Colorado. If there is such thing as a “Colorado sound”, I believe that sound really radiates from this band. I highly recommend attending this show; Elephant Revival is one of those bands that leave you feeling warm and comfortable. Such a feeling is indescribable, but can be likened to relaxing by a fire enjoying a warm bowl of soup after being out in the cold winter snow all day. It can be tough to explain how this band makes one feel, to truly understand you must see them perform in person. A quote for Elephant Revival’s website, “Where words fail…. music speaks”.

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