Gabriel Kelley | It Don't Come Easy | New Music Review

Article Contributed by Carmen Cojocariu | Published on Friday, August 3, 2012

Wholesome, hearty, and country-like: Gabriel Kelley belts out the vocals on his new album, It Don’t Come Easy. Beginning with the first few songs off the album, Kelley demonstrates his vocal abilities by naturally having a country styled twang and an uplifting story to tell. With a harmonica, guitar, and piano, Kelley tells stories, as well as instilling positivity throughout his songs.Kelley’s album is a cross between folk and country. With his deep voice resonating, his music carries his voice from beginning to end. While the music is wholesome in its own right, Kelley’s voice really anchors how the music wraps around his voice. He manages to almost cancel out the music by having such a voice. However, the music can be heard in the beginning of his songs (as well as throughout, but overshadowed by his voice) and it seems to match his sense of style.Despite having a profoundly deep voice, the music does not seem to be far too different from music in this particular genre. He could have stepped out of the comfort zone and done something remarkable with a voice like that. Not deviating from his sound, the songs are mostly similar. He found a formula to create a certain sound and used it for each of his tracks (to varying degrees). However, from the slow songs to the quicker paced, Gabriel Kelley seems to have found his niche.