Aron Magner

The City Of Brotherly Love has brought a number of musicians together over the years. Three musicians that have ties to Philadelphia and are jazz masters are: Aron Magner/Jason Fraticelli/Matt Scarano.

Magner, known for his wizards piano/keyboard work with The Disco Biscuits, has a new project, SPAGA

Friends of the Devil’s Lettuce brought a full house to Ardmore Hall in Ardmore, Pa last Saturday night to celebrate the cannabis-themed holiday on April 20th. Delicious CBD treats were purveyed inside the venue, which was exciting to see, and was well received by the attendees.

The Disco Biscuits' Aron Magner unplugs his formidable stack of keyboard gadgetry to introduce his new band SPAGA, and in doing so, takes his 20-plus year musical journey back to where it all began—the piano. The keyboardist, who is best known for trailblazing a fusion of jam-rock and electronica with his Disco Biscuits' bandmates, has come full circle by returning to his jazz upbringing.